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The Vicious

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Every soul must know its materialization male and female to reach a greater spiritual inspiration through the imitation of the creation. Therefore, life on Earth is one eternal Atonement, purification and improvement in what our interior, spirit, is strengthening and it is gaining its polar opposite, the material and fleshly world. Of course it is a spiral of ascension, where we started to achieve what is beyond matter, of the Earth towards the infinite, into the Cosmos. Normally each life climbing a rung more spiritual, unless our own actions and reactions us stagnant and you make more difficult to get out of the vicious circle. In this way, a person is equipped with musical talent or any other gift, already at an early age, because it takes many hours of work and study in other lives. The law of Karma is very similar to the standard mathematical Newton for every action there is a reaction. Sometimes the reaction is immediate and sometimes occurs after days, months or years, or several lives, and we can not recognize that it is the relationship of action or desire that at the same time it is the application of the will which directs us towards the manifestation of an impulse or idea.

The concept full of karma is based on a phenomenon of polarity, whereby the universe is kept in a perfect state of equilibrium. It is the overall idea of the fate which eventually get what we want, even though you can not we understand all the ramifications of our wishes until we experience them. The effects of experiences in past lives are manifested in important aspects of the present, influencing the interests, habits and phobias existence. The cause of these trends are often beyond conventional explanations. This text examines the possible connections with the past lives, in particular the immediately preceding. The karmic astrology, by having a deep and spiritual, approach serves as a tool to find certain key of life which in principle often hidden most of the time.