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The courses were aimed at a group of 900 flight attendants, who as you know are the “bosses” of the cabin crew. Imagine for a moment, thousands and thousands of passengers who had seen these people throughout their professional experience. I wrote sending me all sorts of anecdotes and real situations that they had occurred while on duty. For the purpose of this course of brief psychotherapy online, I will put as a practical example of miscommunication, the following situation: A flight attendant is about to hand out to passengers the morning newspaper, when down the hall from a man demanding his attention by saying Miss, miss, economic news continues The crew calmly delivering newspapers, being interrupted from time to time from the bottom with an insistent – Miss … financial press as the situation continues until the crew member, two rows before reaching the gentleman, exclaims looking at a passenger, who was handing him a newspaper: it cheaper than this, that will cost you a penny All passengers heard her let out a big laugh and repeatedly requesting the business press put a Claim In principle this is a funny story and a cursory examination might think that this passenger had no sense of humor. If we look in more detail, we will see what has been said above that the stewardess “he forgot” 93% of communication.

Instead of laughing with the passenger, the passenger laughed. All this would have been avoided, if at first, when a passenger demanded it from the bottom, she had looked for a moment or had made a small gesture with his hand, sending non-verbal communication (93%) of “message received “(think of how much we hate it when in a bar, we asked the waiter for coffee and this, despite being very close, we do not send us any message seen or heard). I have another situation that represents the antithesis of the latter: LOCATION: Next to the gate was the hostess with a crewmate. When the last passenger came back loaded with lumps everywhere. When I was at the height of these two, it occurred to no one else looking at him, saying aloud that the changes are hard Passengers could not help laughing and he fell all the packages. In this case it is clear that the stewardess laughed along with the passenger (by linking with the look and tone of voice) and the result was very different from the previous.