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Building Vacant, Vacant, Vacant Areas Avoid

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Use empty the buildings under rent interest levels use empty the building below in rental interest rates (E.g. hiring of artists against the operating costs) can keep this before expiration and security issues equally. Time to the development of possibilities of use can be obtained for difficult to market real estate. The sites creators and cultural workers are not arbitrary. Pulses and possible intermediate uses of this group to capitalize on, sites should strive to identify the preferred rooms: rooms in a transitional stage between discontinued use and new planning (as former industrial sites, vacant, abandoned railway and airport areas, unused or broke this commercial real estate) rooms that investors due to lack of demand or lack of recycling opportunities are not interested in possibilities (unplanned new activities can unfold) freedom (involving, Youth, pop culture) Testing areas (use of recreation and sports, as well as for social initiatives) large (transformation areas with heterogeneous building stock) a use of empty standing buildings also below the rent interest level (E.g. hiring of artists against the operating costs) can protect them from foreclosure and reduce security problems.

For hard-to-market real estate will save time to use alternatives can be developed for this purpose. On the design of its planning authority, the commune with decides a possible siting of cultural producers. Against the background of a balancing of the factors for the potential uptake of the real estate industry of a site describes options including Becker Jorg: real estate business in the location space effect relations in the force field of location factors, site balance as a 360-degree all-round radar, 2010, ISBN 9783839123065 homes are the surrounding the site and thereby also limiting case. They form the Foundation and the Rooms where and where all events of the site takes place, they are the possibility space of the site. Most of the activities of the actors playing in local ramifications. “Between the two central objectives increase the centrality” on the one hand, as well as extensive preservation and careful development of the existing retail “significant trade-offs may occur.

With the help of a site record creating transparency, decisions can be prepared for their solutions. Centrifugal site processes on the one hand is on the other side of the new appeal and Renaissance of downtown locations. Site developments are not exactly predict. Therefore, well-grounded analyses and methodological expertise are critical success. For a better overview, approaches such as site balance sheets may be of use. Jorg Becker (www.beckinfo.de)