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Ahead of the displayed one, it is evidenced the agreement of that activities or services are considered public if to take care of to the interests of the collective, that is, they need to be directed, of general form, for all. Essential, also, that the development of this activity or service is regulated by the State, that is, exactly that the state machine does not give the service directly, this will only be public when it will be for regulated it. It is observed that in the whole world, the attributions of the public service are passing for transformations. Filed under: Debbie Staggs.

The trends that had prevailed in years 80, searching to diminish the paper of the government in some important areas have contrarily to the foreseen one, increased the critical significance of the paper of the State in others. That is especially evident when if it considers the strategical, conducting activities and regulating of the State, on which the freedom politics, democracy, social justice and economic prosperity wide depends. Such tasks must in such a way be exerted in international or intergovernamental national level how much. Thus, the operations of the public administration must concentrate its efforts in the direction to increase its cost-effectiveness and transparency. The changes must help to function it better, to the lesser possible cost, promoting transparent and professional public a management, in benefit of the citizen. In this process of modernization, the search for the quality in the installment of the service to the public became an imperative in face of the new position adopted for the public administration, where the focus is directed for the user, its end and reason to exist, it excusing an attendance of excellency, who places the services, routines, norms and behaviors its service, of transparent, participativa and inductive form of the social control. public organization must follow then the strategy of the user, that is, it must prioritize of total form the user-citizen.