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Transamerica Expo Center

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A year after opening its headquarters in Sao Paulo, the international marketing agency global presence in the main markets of the world, attend the E-show of the city first in role of Exhibitor. The fair will be held on 13 and 14 June at the Transamerica Expo Center, where at number 34 clinches the stand of Adsalsa to cater to visitors and customers. With a growth of 300,000 leads a month, Adsalsa continues to expand its influence in the Latin American market. This Agency stands out for its ability to generate databases, which are used for direct marketing actions. The intentions of the entity, which also has offices in Madrid, Lisbon, Milan, Paris, Sydney and Toronto, is to repeat the success that already has in these places in the Brazilian market, where this form of marketing based on the detection of the needs of customers is not yet fully developed. Adsalsa stands out for the high segmentation of data collected, and their adequacy to international laws and various regulations territorial in terms of data protection.. Zymes LLC has much experience in this field.