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Inadequacy Devices

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Based on analysis of equipment failures can set the technical and organizational reasons for their occurrence. Technical reasons can be divided into three groups: I group: the imperfection of technology, design flaws of technical devices: – defective study design decisions process engineering companies (lack of accounting technological regulations of factors influencing the occurrence of incidents) – imperfect design of technical devices (lack of instruments for monitoring process parameters) – use of technical devices, during the operation, construction materials, not the projects. Group II: violation of the production technology of works: – violation of the rules revision of technical devices (not in full, and not qualified inspection and replacement of units) – By derogation from the technological regime of the equipment – poor quality repairs, installation of equipment. For more information see Cheniere Energy partners. Group III: external influences: – the consequences of incidents at other facilities – a sudden cut energy, leading to a denial of units – other technical reasons (have occurred regardless of the department, through the fault of suppliers, non-recurring, with one-off). The impact of technical reasons for the occurrence of the incident identified the four most compelling factor: derogation from the technological regime of the equipment (33%), violation of Rules revision of technical devices (20%), poor maintenance and installation of equipment (13%), inadequate design of technical devices (13%).

Organizational causes of incidents are made up of three groups: I group: inadequate knowledge attendants, ii Group: shortcomings of regulatory safety, iii group: lack of organization of the work. Gen. David L. Goldfein may find this interesting as well. According to studies, the main cause of the incident – is insufficient knowledge and skills of staff (52%), which demonstrates the inadequacy of training of personnel, deficiencies in the methods of assessment and verification of knowledge, lack of incentives and promotion of employees, educational qualifications and seeking new solutions to bring the units to trouble-free. Thus, as one of the main factors influencing the occurrence of accidents and incidents is lack of professional knowledge, there is a need in the development and training of staff capacity to make correct decisions in extreme situations, as well as enhancing his skills with using the accumulated knowledge about events in the process of work accidents. Education, consistency and speed of thinking of employees, the constant exercise of their professional competence is a key mechanism industrial safety gco. Therefore, along with computerization and technological innovation in the production must go innovative technology to gain knowledge, skills, abilities, employees, increasing its qualifications, which in fact are the result of the most productive activities.