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I read an article about Gorlacheve Ataman – ‘chieftanship not buy. ” The author is simply nonsense. Gorlach one of the few right people. This is the only chieftain who does not collect fees from the Cossacks, nothing fills ‘up’, not trade awards and titles! Encouragement, I am not talking about the award, he can only deserve it. Or, for a misdemeanor, you can easily get the whip over his back! Apparently the author of this scribbling in this category and is, to see got him from the leader. And it’s probably someone from the new to the Cossacks. We have a shelf in a skolzsky Colonel, his name is Sergey, I see it is his job. But no matter, soon Cossack circle, we shall understand! Yes Ataman entrepreneur, engaged in business.

How else, after all, must live. But he Cossack soul. Gorlach done more to like him, would live as a people! A few who are interested in the history of Cossacks The exact origin of the Cossacks unknown, there are many theories. By the end of XIV century, formed two major groups living in the Lower Don and the Dnieper. They were joined by many immigrants from neighboring East-north of Moscow and Lithuanian principalities. By the beginning of the XVI century, both groups have grown into large voluntary forces. The Don Cossacks in the Russian league with the Kingdom began a systematic colonization of the borderlands of Russia, inhabited the Lower Volga, Terek and Yaik as well as extensive territory in Siberia, and became the basis of new troops. Dnieper Cossacks formed Sich became a vassal of Poland.

But the political and religious pressure from Poland has led to the proclamation of the Hetman and mass revolt of Bohdan Khmelnytsky, which radically changed the geopolitical balance of Eastern Europe. Subsequently, the Cossacks turned to Russia, and Ukraine joined Pereyaslavskaya Parliament with her. In the 18th century, the growing Russian Empire demanded that the Cossacks of devotion and service, but it often conflicted with their freestyle way of life and resulted in many uprisings Razin, Bulavin, Pugacheva. This caused a major crackdown by the authorities and in extreme cases, entire armies can be disbanded, as has happened to Zaporozhye in 1775, the beginning of the 19th century, the Cossacks were formed in his estate, guarded by state and internal ethnic borders, constantly sent people in many wars. In response, they have a huge social autonomy, exempt from taxes, etc. By the early 20th century, Russian Cossacks began to stereotype abroad and within its authority. During the Civil War the Cossack regions became the mainstay of the White movement, and subsequently a large part of the White emigration. After the victory of the Red Army Cossacks were repressed until the mid-1930s. After the collapse of the Soviet Union began the systematic restoration of the Cossacks. Now there are many of the Cossack communities in Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine and other countries.