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Moscow those looking for a job is very important to keep business talk on the phone. After all, the quality of the first interview with an employer or a specialist recruitment agency depends, if you get an invitation to interviewed to express themselves as the most suitable candidates. Before calling on the property that interests you, once again carefully examine it and try to understand what is required of you. Find convincing words to explain how your professional experience and business skills relate to the requirements for this vacancy. According to the results of such a phone interview employer evaluates the skill is often a specialist to conduct telephone conversations, to express their thoughts, determines the level of overall development.

Such claims can not be specified in the vacancy announcement, but is meant themselves. Starting a conversation specify the purpose of your call: specify what position you are applying for, and explain where you found the information on this job (in a newspaper or on any site). Be sure to introduce yourself focusing at the same time on any memorable parts (for example, say that they worked in such a company as an economist). This would allow an employer in a subsequent communication faster and remember you distinguish from other candidates for the vacancy. Talking about experience, education, job skills, age, etc., follow the summary section: 1. Age. Notify the total number of years. 2. Education. Tell the name of the institution, year its completion, a specialty of the diploma, as well as information on further education.