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Centuries ago, Tarot cards were considered an exclusive area of Gypsies and witches. Therefore, palmistry and divination were awarded to spells and black magic practices. Considered a heresy by the men of the middle ages, the tarot and those who practiced it were persecuted by the Inquisition. Despite all these obstacles, the tarot could overcome them and face up to them, to prevail on all types of censorship until now. So much so that its acceptance and popularity in contemporary societies is growing day after day. Both letters and books on tarot can be found and purchased at any bookstore or business for the category. Internet has become another infinite source of information about this art. In the network can request consultations or runs of cards online can be made. Learn more at: Debbie Staggs.

Science and technology have evolved, providing new tools for dissemination and study for those interested in the occult, and leaving in the past times of censorship and persecution. According to the registration found, stipulates that the first tarot cards dating from the period between the 13th and the 14th century. It was playing cards painted by hand, as it was observed in 17 that could be recovered. There are many theories about the meaning of the original deck. One of these assumptions holds that they were used by medieval philosophers as a system of visual memory to hide secret doctrines and philosophies and to avoid being discovered by his pursuers. Another theory States that Romanies (gypsies in English, derived from Egyptians) transmitted tarot practices during his travels teaching technique to various peoples. However, in its origins the deck was used for purely recreational purposes.

His qualities of prediction were developed later. Currently, the decks have different designs with different themes: herbal, myths, fairy, dragons, etc. The best way to achieve a personal connection with these cards is acquiring that harness whose drawings we really like or mean something for us. Thus, the first step to an effective tarot reading will already be given. Tarot has dazzled and intrigued the human race for centuries, due to their predictive powers and its great diversity of uses and applications. Letters can be of great help when it comes to analyze problems, make decisions, stimulating intuitions or discover motives, fears and deeply hidden desires. Thanks to the tarot, it is possible to understand how to connect the events in our lives, directed, somehow, by some higher force.