The Attraction

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Here, it does not matter what the other thinks and yes what the person thinks. It is who creates the imaginary perigos it another one and passes to demand of it that she makes what it wants that makes, so that everything is well for itself, without taking in account the desire of the other. The mother looks for to convince the son not to go the party because Fica for who can …….. good? How much love? It drew? It rethink: Since when that to think about the worse possibilities it is love signal. According to law of the attraction, you attracts what it thinks, then, instead of protecting, is giving force for worse. Others who may share this opinion include medical billing software. Why it will be that alone in the daily pay – we occupy with the negative possibilities? Characteristics of the Concern: They are hypotheses ' ' soluonuticas' ' , created through the illusion that we give life, before a real fact has happened, in compelling to believe, to accept and to live these hypotheses as true and not as fruit of our imagination.

Looking for to transform something hypothetical into Real. Our illusion is the power constructed through our submission. We create a reality in function of an existential logic irrational, in becoming the prisoners of it as if they were real. We use our rationality in way irrational. Care, when submitting it, beyond loses our sense of reality, not obtaining more to separate the Real of the ilusrio, precaution of concern; we also lose our auto-supports, in becoming vulnerable we ourselves. The worse one of everything. We leave to fight for ours better with the fear to be destroyed; for this lady all powerful one, generated for our imagination, starting to have fear to face it, finding better submitting in, to prevent them the one badly biggest one or until being destroyed or being punished by it.