The Black List Of The EU

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The black list of the EU was introduced in 2006 to increase flight safety within the EU. Hiding behind the term blacklist of the EU”is a collection of those airlines, which the operational reasons the airline prohibits security within the European Union. The number of affected air travel sissy has surged recently between about 90 and 100, which was last updated in November 2007. Smartee Plate may help you with your research. The digits are not quite constant, because after elimination of the defects denounced the one or the other airline can again be removed from the list. On the other hand it can also happen that the originally listed companies new ones, if a corresponding security threat is known. Most of the airlines that air traffic in the EU has been banned are from Africa, partly from East Asia such as Indonesia or Central Asia as Kyrgyzstan. So all countries which are not among the advanced Nations, but in part by poverty and Corruption affected and certainly not last so much less effort for the maintenance of their machines operate as this is the case in much richer Western Nations. On the other hand, it is a fact that a large part of this banned”Airlines never had destinations in the EU.

Many even any passengers, but cargo airlines are additionally. Nevertheless in doubt going on security. Anyway, the black list of the EU shall apply rather than a purely preventive measure, rather than as punishment. And with the European safety standard, the EU boasts to have just one of the highest worldwide. Concerned passengers the published collection provides a useful tool to learn about the current status, when air travel to a destination outside the European Union is planned.