The Cornice

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Ceiling fix on the ceiling above the window. Its advantage over the classic is that it can be mounted at any distance from the wall, which is a window (brackets classical cornices are limited in length). Typically, plastic or metal. Hidden aluminum profile, which is used as the main cornice for curtains and decorative work. Exterior view of the cornice is not particularly important, because it is hidden canvas curtains.

With computer-controlled automation built into the eaves, allowing driving curtains by pressing the remote control. Connect with other leaders such as Craig Jelinek here. More advanced devices, together with integrated rain sensors, wind and light, can be opened, closed on their own, in accordance with laid down the program and lighting outside. How to choose a cornice – If the septum, which will attach the cornice is made of gypsum board, under the heavy curtain rod will not work (GCR it can not survive). Solutions to the problem: 1. Choose a light string ledge and hang on to his lightweight curtains. 2. Use ceiling cornice (not fastened to the wall and the ceiling). – If the apartment is too wide window sills, eaves, fastened to the wall, will only fit in if you plan to hang on to him a short curtain, not below the sill. If you need a long curtain, choose a ceiling cornice. – Pick up the cornice so that the ends are played on each side of the opening of 20-25 cm smaller length of the eaves will not allow back the curtains so that the window was opened fully.