The Index Of Wage Seekers

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Portal bestcv made an index change of salary expectations, job seekers in Moscow. This rating shows the change in the level of wages claimed by the applicants (salaries, which indicate the applicants on their resume). Period for calculating the index was taken – the 2009th year. The index is calculated by Moscow as a whole and forty areas of activity separately. Wage index as required by applicants, according to Moscow amounted to – 96.33. Ie salary expectations seeker in Moscow for the year 2009 fell to 3.67%.

The most severely affected following areas: – Communications – 87.77% – for staff at home – 88.72% – marketing – 89.57%. As can be seen, salary expectations have fallen more than 10%. But there are areas activity on which the salary expectations have risen by about the same 10%: – consulting – 111.31 – food production – 109.78 – real estate – 109.56. Here such here is the picture. Encouraged by the fact that in general Moscow drop salary expectations was of little importance.