The Invitation

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5. plan the exact timing of the wedding day no longer idle times. Wedding games etc can serve as any time buffer, which can be omitted but also good at ‘Lack of time’. So stay flexible in every respect and respond to all time zones. All according to plan never goes on a wedding.

It is important that you always find back to your timing. Their master of ceremonies will have a close eye on it. 6. samples everything you can rehearse before your wedding. These include:-the fitting of clothes (also the groom!). The bride should ever make-up as the wedding day.

The marriage supper can be tried before and also the bridal Waltz can be applied even once in the living room. The newlyweds planned a speech at your wedding guests, this should be practiced. More before the wedding is played through, more relaxed bride and bridegroom of their wedding can look forward to. And otherwise I will tell you a little ‘Secret’: no wedding without a glitch! Stay relaxed in any case even if something completely unexpected happens. Minor breakdowns often are the salt in the soup of the wedding! 7. book exclusively professional artist for your wedding or wedding reception! Trust artists who are familiar with weddings and here do not save at the wrong end. The wedding celebration is the gift – the artists are the colorful packaging. Only an experienced artist is able to flexibly adjust his performances to their processes and to integrate seamlessly into the action. Be demanding when choosing your wedding artists! 8 your guests may already with the invitation let know that the desired time for wedding speeches is 5-10 minutes. Wedding speeches have tradition and are important, but should not be too long, not even boredom to be. 9. ask your guests may even on the invitation to share with your master of ceremonies, if she shows or wedding games have planned. Your guests certainly like to play the one or the other game, but no one wants to spend much of the time. This information is important for your wedding artists. Should you have required an artist as master of ceremonies, he should get the information about planned wedding games before the wedding ceremony. 10. stay loose and enjoy your special day! Pack an emergency kit for the wedding day (sewing, handkerchiefs, makeup, change, pen, paper, aspirin, etc.). It has a calming effect. You are well prepared and can now have fun and celebrate with your wedding guests!