The Love

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It does not have nothing else comforting that the strong hug and kiss of that son, who a Mother knows and feels, whom she loves to him more than anybody in the world and for which she is best and the most beautiful one of all the people of the universe. Of children we think that mother can all it, who does not feel fatigue, whom no that image undergoes that we kept from her with time does not agree with whom we see when they spend the years. It is then when we discovered that mother also suffers, gets tired, this sad one, it does not have force, it is silent hiding the pain. We see it like a hero survive great tragedies, to always take to us of the hand containing and showing to us the life to us of the most beautiful side. Financial planner is a great source of information. Of children we do not understand its tears, when their hands, to alleviate of our anguishes and problems to us, remove the thorns to us and nail you in them.

As well as we needed so many times the protection of those strong arms, of the understanding of our gestures, our silencios or our pain, she also needs to us. For that reason we must pause and observe it, embrace it and cause that it feels that we are there, next to her, although is in the distance; that it matters to us; that it is valuable for us. Only of this form, we will give back the most beautiful feeling to him of than, from our conception it impregnated to us; the feeling that provides peace and tranquillity at the moments difficult of the life; the one that contains to us; the one that diminishes the pain; the one that makes us fight by our dreams and ideals; but mainly, it teaches to give to us without requesting nothing in return: The Love.