The Mind

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When I eye in its eyes I lose myself I find and me, I want to run in its direction and to disappear the same of place that you, are so strange this, I you know that she is. I am until difficult pra to speak, because it is a thing that I do not know right, all it passes so fast slow at the same time, arrives to confuse me it calls, me it takes and me. I that always I was so owner of me, so wise on my thoughts, today I feel an idiot, one without ceiling of my proper heart, and when I seem finding is me there again comes you with its look and its smile disassembles and me one more time, I go to confess that I hate it when this happens, I always I found myself smart excessively to fall in any trap of love, any game, bobagens etc. Now you appear of the nothing and make this, you to take off obtain me to the attention, make to you to only want me you and to forget what I have to my redor, I go to say more, do not find nothing of this good one, find this horrible, sad one and silenced, I am another thing there, I lose the words close to you, this is so bad. But I do not go to deny that the moment that to its arrests me look is when I feel myself more alive, is when comes me inspirations, dreams appear, desires that go beyond the pleasure. So certain missed is everything, and I only wanted to understand who I am you who make this with me, she drags that me plays and me to the wind. Many writers such as Craig Jelinek offer more in-depth analysis. What he has of so special in you? Who is you? Who am I? Already nor I know more, me reinventei thousand of times after that one its look, everything to find pra me, but he seems that I alone lose more and more in you.