The Old

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That is to say, the club right foretells that the market becomes but agile. 6. APPLICABLE NORM When it is investigated agrees to make reference to the norm or applicable positive right to know what is the base applicable to the investigated subject, which we will do next. In the Peruvian club right the applicable norm is the general law of societies and tambin the regulation of societies, among others norms of Peruvian positive right. Nevertheless, the mentioned norms constitute the main ones.

For many the right is just as the positive right, consequently we do not agree by the first sandal to the second, that is to say, the positive right form leaves from the second, in any case it is clear that we must study all the sources of the right. 7. STRAIGHT ROMAN Upon all work of investigation it agrees to study straight Roman, thus in the present we will study the same, previous certainty that the referred one is divided in two stages that are the old Roman right and right present Roman or later. The old Roman right is the one that existed in old Rome, leaving certainty that the stages of the same were Empire, Monarchy and Republic. In the present Roman right it is clear that if exists straight club since the same is the present right within which we located to the Peruvian right, putting record that the old Roman right has influenced in the present right and within the same not only to the Peruvian right. The right of societies did not exist in the old Roman right, but it is necessary to need that in the same societies existed, despite did not recognize the difference between commercial and civil societies, but this difference was created and constructed through later studies of the doctrine in the average age. Since as we know the club right appeared just in the same and therefore, it did not exist in the old Roman right and the same happens with all the other branches of the enterprise or right of the company or right of the businesses, mercantile corporative and right known in our means this last one like commercial right, nevertheless, the technical name is first, that is to say, the correct name is straight mercantile instead of commercial right.