The Question

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The question that always haunts their minds is: and now what play?. It searches every time a new way of feeling good. Jill Schlesinger contains valuable tech resources. Recently she walked through a park and noticed in a few large water slides in complex intricate structure. I remembered feeling that had child, and the impulse to throw myself to play by pulling me in them sprang my heart, cheerful and casual. That inspired me to write this short article, reminding me the important thing is to leverage what you have at your disposal in every moment. Adults are obstinate in what we do and ignore what is now presented. If tomorrow we have to get up very early, we tend to be more nervous and enjoy less of the night, thinking that we have to lie down soon to be able to rest and meet our obligations, so if the movie that we’re seeing takes longer too, we will be eager to finish in order to pass to what is really important, which is to rest well and get up early the next day. This can become a problem constant, and as I wrote recently on how to overcome any problems, the problems do not actually exist.

Enjoy what is now happening, without neglecting your responsibilities, but constantly live without worried what still missing hours (or days, or weeks) to make it happen and you have to pay attention. DIME, and now do you play? (3) Curious children explore the universe with enormous curiosity. If they see something they don’t know, approached with intention of touching it, know it, and if possible, play with it. If you see a park, you want to fit on each swing, attraction or stone in a curious way that let your imagination fly. Every experience is a gift in childhood, an opportunity to explore new sensations and enjoy it. Unfortunately, as we get older, we tend to forget how important that are experiences, so we walk the world insensitive to most events that surround us.