The Religion

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Human consciousness can not simply take these things and process, because it believes here in something invariably given, on which you can not doubt. I think fiscal policy is a religion such as Christianity or Islam, only with far more believers around the world. The creditors are partly extreme fanatics and sects. It is the religion of money by the dance around the golden calf, everyone at the next wants to be and brings victims, that every day is presented to him–in all its glory, that he may touch in the form of money, a new car on pump, the roads are a house full of them, that he never can, etc. pay, when he ranked his work, his sanctuary, faithfully serves. A believer and headless dance all around the calf, slaves of Mammon, hopes and dreams for a better life.

Who wants to deny it to them, and take the last hope. But not all dream and hope, this dream is a reality for a few a few people and they don’t have any at least materially Worried. It should go like this all. Who is creating this state of unfulfillable hopes which we all are addicted to more or less like the usual religions? Who has interest – aware these images and dreams of wealth, pomp and circumstance to suggest? There are the so-called powerful of this world that no one actually knows. Just faith. They are the initiators and the world stage directors who drive us dynamically with their audacious shops in more and more poverty and suffering. One more and the other less, and others until to 30,000 people, on the day, die of hunger, who care is already that’s why and who believes already that he will be one of 30,000 when he dances around the golden calf in his ignorance, called faith, and dreams.