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But, if making, that it remains without if marrying or, then, is reconciled with its husband. the husband if does not divorce its woman. (…) How much to the virgin people, I do not have order Mr., but I give mine to seem as somebody that, for the mercy of God, is worthy reliable. Because of the current problems, I think that the man is better to remain as he is. You are married? He does not look for to break up itself.

He is single? He does not look wife. But, if to come to be married, do not commit sin; e, if a virgin if to marry, also does not commit sin. But those that if to marry will face many difficulties in the life, and I would like to save them of this. What I want to say is that the time is little. (…) Gostaria to see them free of concerns. The man who is not married is worried about the things Mr., in as to please the Mr.

But the married man is worried about the things of this world, in as to please its woman, and is divided. As much the woman not married as the virgin is worried about the things Mr., to be saints in the body and the spirit. But the married one is worried about the things of this world, in as to please its husband. I am saying this for the proper one well of vocs; it does not stop imposing them restrictions, but so that vocs they can live in correct way, in full consecration the Mr. (…) The woman is on its husband while it to live. But, if its husband to die, it will be free to be married who to want, contanto that it belongs the Mr. In mine to seem, it will be happyer to remain itself as she is; I think that also I have the Spirit of God.