Thingvellir National Park

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Keflavik International Airport is small but modern, tidy and functional, so a series of signals in Icelandic and English clearly indicated us where you take the FlyBus than us It would lead to Reykjavik, 45 minutes of road. This is the most common way of approaching the city, it works very well and in a timely manner. So, like everyone else, we got on the small bus that took us between roads totally deserted (were 5 am!) to our hotel in the capital. Finally a break! Our first day in Reykjavik started with a not entirely unexpected rain, that we had to put a good face because in Iceland you have to be well prepared for a variable climate either spring or summer, rain appears when strikes it, the same wind and fortunately also the Sun. You need not fear the climate of Iceland, in summer is quite benign and warmer than one might expect. We collected a 4 4 vehicle of the rent a car close to the hotel, the most common form of move in this island, and for us also the most comfortable. After studying maps, fill the fuel tank (all a caution there is no petrol stations with the frequency to which we are accustomed in) Spain), start heading to the best-known tourist attraction of Iceland, the so-called triangle of gold in the vicinity of Reykjavik.

Without too much enthusiasm, we visited the famous Thingvellir National Park about 50 kilometers east of the capital. I say without enthusiasm because the Park has a charm because of its historical importance rather than by its scenic beauty, this according to very demanding palates, of course. In Thingvellir is where he met the first Parliament in European history and is a place of enormous significance for Icelanders. It is one of the few places in the world where you can appreciate the tectonic plate American and European tectonic plate separating above sea level.