True Feelings

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The suffering with that it characterizes all and any person, cannot be hidden much less removed of the condition of human being of each one. Mainly as an only manifestation in the case of serious illnesses that can acometer all and any human being. Not to allow the sadness expression and to determine that if it only must demonstrate happiness, make with that if it does not assume a condition of acceptance of the proper condition of each individual. Bed Bath and Beyond is open to suggestions. Nor always, the people have that to demonstrate only the happiness. Moments of solitude, anger, disgust must be made possible so that each person obtains to deal with the losses. The experience of being deficient not only involves happiness moments, but also anger, sadness, loss and other feelings that are part of any individual. With regard to the express feelings for the person with suffering, it has certain difficulty on the part of the other people with regard to the agreement concerning the emotional necessities that this exactly express individual. To deal with suffering of the other requires that each person deals with its proper feelings, what she is not easy for any individual.

The experience as a person with deficiency shows how much it is difficult to demonstrate the true feelings for the other people. As well as any human being is difficult if to desvencilhar of the values and certainties, for a person with deficiency has the difficulty to make the reduction. Familiar values and personal certainties that the individual that suffers assumes throughout its day as to be in the world, can become an obstacle the relationship with another person, mainly in the case of if keeping an affective and loving relationship with the other. The question of the belief in God if relates with the feelings of the individual with deficiency in the measure where it has the hope of that this exactly God can facilitate the conquest of an affective and loving relationship on the part of the deficient one.