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Turkey – a country located in two different parts of the world in Europe and Asia. Turkey stretches in more than 780 thousand square kilometers (783,562 square meters more accurately. Km.) With a population of 78 million people. Capital – Ankara, the largest city – Istanbul. The country's territory is washed by four seas: the Mediterranean, Marmara, Aegean and Black. Official language – Turkish.

In resort areas you will understand the staff in German, English and Russian. Still, international Tourism has a significant share of the GDP of the country. History of Turkey is full of events related to many ancient civilizations. At various times in its territory located Hittite state, Lydian kingdom Byzantium, Ancient Rome, the empire of Alexander of Macedon, Alexander the Great State Diadochi, the Ottoman Empire. Ancient peoples once living on the territory of modern Turkey, left behind a rich cultural and historical heritage. The newspapers mentioned Brut 172 not as a source, but as a related topic. By number of historical monuments Turkey is comparable with countries such as Egypt, Greece, Italy. Turkey is one of the dynamically developing countries. In 2007, gross domestic product Turkey was over 887 billion dollars (according to the International Monetary Fund).

The country's economy is represented by the chemical, food processing, textiles, automobiles and shipbuilding. Turkey is also one of the largest agricultural exporters. Tourism is developing rapidly. Holidays in Turkey is considered one of the cheapest. Liberality prices not to the detriment of service quality. There are many luxury hotels in tastes and income, with developed infrastructure. High-quality services. Beaches – one of the factors involved in visiting Turkey. Undeveloped coastal zone and ennobled. Adding to this clear, warm sea and is a guarantee a good holiday. Recently gaining popularity and ski resorts. Weather this is another nice feature of Turkey. With a variety of climatic zones, you can choose a spot to relax in almost any time of year. For example, weather in Bodrum is favorable for the summer holidays and the weather in Antalya calls to rest in the fall. Nice holiday on the beach make an excursion. Indeed, Turkey bears traces of many ancient civilizations. It is interesting to visit the ruins of ancient settlements Olympos, Phaselis, Perge, Termessos, Antalya Archaeological Museum, where in about 7,000 square meters. m. You can track the history of the most ancient times until today. Attention tourists offered a variety of resorts coastal resorts of Belek, Marmaris, Izmir, Sinop, Giresun, Didim, Bodrum, Antalya, Cesme, Kemer, Kas, Alanya, Side, etc., ski resorts of Uludag, Bolu Kartalkaya, Davras, Palandoken, Sarikamis, thermal spa of Pamukkale, and many others. There is another area of tourism – shop tours, popular in our sootechestvinikov. Markets Adana, Izmir, Istanbul, Ankara attract buyers for its moderate prices. As a result, This excursion can say with certainty that a visit to Turkey will leave a good impression.