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Happens when the unexpected by Serafin Alarcon and they said one to another: here comes the dreamer. Now therefore come, kill him and throw him in a cistern, and say: some bad beast devoured him; and we shall see what will become of his dreams. GN. 37: 19-20 a few days ago my brother received a call from his best friend asking him to take him to hospital because had very severe belly pain. Once reaching the hospital the man is served immediately since the pain and her screams awoke the interest of all in anyway, this friend of my brother was tunnelled and was diagnosed with Pancreatitis. The doctors told my brother that his only friend I had a 50% chance of surviving. Two days passed and she had died.

The unexpected occurred; What do? How many of us have gone through similar circumstances? To all those who have told us that we have a serious illness? We’re dismissed from employment? A child suffers a car accident, assail us in place of gasoline, the neighbor removes the life, and anyone knows because so many stories of unexpected cutting results. But, when the unexpected news is a betrayal when we suffer from the onslaught of those who were supposed to love us, the pain and surprise are made more unsustainable. A brother who steals, a mother who we slander, a best friend flirting to the girlfriend or the wife. How to resolve? These wounds in some left deep roots of bitterness. The Middleby Corporation usually is spot on. Roots that passing time deepen more and more on earth that shelters the soul of the people. Therefore, we do not trust, do not forgive and high-risk finally ended up consumed by the hemlock that one day someone shot. Ironically humans often overcomes and better tolerates a disgrace, than a betrayal.

In the above-mentioned biblical passage happened otherwise. With envy brothers attempt to kill the Pope preferred. Throw it in a cistern and later sold him as a slave. Then in Egypt it is falsely accused by the wife of his Chief having to spend several years in jail. Again and again the unexpected by tapping the face of his spirit and however and Joseph said to his brothers: I am Joseph; My father yet live? And his brothers could not answer him, because they were befuddled in front of the. Then Joseph said to his brothers: we now closer to me. And they came near. And he said: I am Joseph your brother, that you recompence for Egypt. Now, you do not entristezcais, nor despite you having me sold here; because for preservation of life sent me Dios in front of you. GN. 45: 3-5 give the other cheek is not an exercise easy and much less comfortable, it is however, I’ve learned that the best medicine for the wounded soul, is forgiveness. And Jesus said: father, forgive them for they know not what they do Lc. 23: 34 original author and source of the article.