Usability Of The Interface Of Sites E-commerce

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ANALYSIS OF THE TEXT: Usability of the interface of sites e-commerce Hermano Julio Birth Pine 1 Priscila Barbosa de Paula 2 1. INTRODUCTION This paper &#039 has as objective to analyze the text; ' Usability of the interface of sites e-comerce' ' , of authors Simone Azevedo Flag of Melo Aquino and Ana Jssica Souza Fields of the Federal Institute of Education, Science and Technology of the Maranho IFMA, written in 2010 and published in ' ' Electronic magazine Multidisciplinar Pindorama of the Federal Institute of Education, Science and Technology of the Bahia IFBA' '. The authors make an analysis on the evolution of the websites and the necessities, in view of the USABILITY. The Websites comes progressing in perceivable way and observed well by the users. One of the used applications more in recent years comes being e-comerce. Also known as Electronic Commerce and today of great importance and use for the majority of the users. She is one of the forms most modern and for some users until more insurance to make sales.

In this project we point out the question of the usability in relation to the websites of e-comerce, therefore many still present great problems. Observing that this deficiency if not to give only in sites of e-commerce, but also in other types of websites. 2. USABILITY This topic of the text the author has debated the difference between entrepreneur and entrepreneur, having concluded that to be entrepreneur she necessarily does not mean to be one entrepreneur, since this if worries strong about the innovation, while the entrepreneur has its focus in the operational aspects of the company. The entrepreneur is visualized as that one that searchs the best combination possible of different productive, situated resources inside or is of the company, creating a company with better conditions to negotiate in the market.