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Apartment repair requires a qualitative selection of materials, so quality Wallpapering involves the correct choice of glue. Mark adhesive will depend on the type of wallpaper. Once you have chosen your favorite Wallpaper you have bought the necessary glue for them – you can proceed directly to their glueing. In the middle of the room free up space of not less than the height and width of your room equal to the width of a single sheet. Cover the floor and film roll paper, if it is not possible to newspapers. Now for the cutting of several paintings of the wallpaper, the light pattern.

Put them on each other, which would lie down and straighten sheet. At this time, you need to put on the wall vertical line on it will stick, and vertical alignment of the first sheet. The key to quality will serve as a wallpapering your patience and comfortable ladder. Which you can easily climb, and from which no problems going to get to the top of the wall. Preparation of the adhesive must be in accordance with the directions on the package. If the glue is more liquid or vice versa thick, it can affect the quality of glued wallpaper, so careful approach to this process. Glue is applied to fabric wallpaper evenly from center to edge, with its application should be qualitatively promazyvayut edges of the canvas, it will save you from gluing the edges of the wallpaper after glueing on the wall.

But when applying the glue needed to know when to stop, excessive glue on the fabric caused by the wallpaper, in the labels, can go over the edge and get dirty the next, glued canvas. After applying the glue, it is necessary to wait a few minutes to glue evenly soaked cloth and then stick a leaf on the wall. Attach a sheet of wallpaper to the wall and dock it with the edge of the edge is bonded fabric. Then, using a plastic spatula, remove the air bubbles and excess glue from the floor sheet of wallpaper. Do it from the center leaf to the edges, appeared on the edges of the excess glue is removed with a clean cloth. Should be approached carefully to wallpapering next to the door and window opening, there should be neatly cut the excess pieces of wallpaper blade. When wallpapering in the field of switches and sockets in advance is necessary to remove their top. Take care of security, disconnect all these devices. Wallpaper sheet is pasted as usual, and then determine the location where the outlet or switch. Make the cut at this point crosswise, but we need the fate of his size should be smaller than the switch or outlet. Excess pieces of wallpaper cut and put in place, the outer part of the switch or outlet. When pasted wallpaper in the room, you must wait until they dry, and it is roughly about a day. On During this time the room is necessary to maintain a constant temperature and humidity, avoid drafts and sudden temperature drop. Do not forget that the observance of the temperature necessary adhere to and during the stickers of wallpaper.