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We all know how damaging could be cigarette, but one things is to be smoker living alone, and quite another if you have a family. Passive smokers suffer much more nicotine to the smoker, but even more if passive smoking is a baby. Studies carried out in Catalonia, a few months ago have been released this alarming fact: babies who sleep in parent smoking rooms, present levels of nicotine up to 3 times higher than an adult. So if suponias a good sleep was achieved with mattresses and beds comfortable, you were wrong; that the air in the environment where sleep is free of substances such as nicotine is key. Secretary of Agriculture often addresses the matter in his writings. Studies conducted in the United States also confirm what spoken previously. Nicotine affects the kids so that, if the parents are not prepared or ready to get cigarette, what they should do is stop smoking in places to share with their children: for example in rooms, vehicles, etc.

Such studies serve to terminate several myths or beliefs. In this particular case, knowing that even though we us enclosed environments by opening Windows, air is not cleaned completely of nicotine. Then smoke outside of your House, and if you were to have a balcony or terrace could be useful, provided that you completely close its doors we recommend not to create passive smokers in your family. We’ll give you a fact that really take awareness of the seriousness of the matter: premature passive smokers (babies) are much more risk of sudden death. Other diseases, namely: pneumonia, asthma and otitis are also very common. Important fact: in the study that we are talking about parents of more than 1200 participated creatures, making measuring nicotine levels for 6 months. mattress Royal Sonpura in the best shop in sale of mattresses.