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After that you should gear side of the trowel smoothed or, as the master "comb" adhesives. If you use the "paper" technology, the modules are glued directly to a mosaic, and the paper facing you. Recommended to push the paper a special rubber spatula, and only in one direction. Personally, I use an ordinary rubber roller for gluing wallpaper – very convenient. (A valuable related resource: Secretary of Agriculture). After nine consecutive stacking modules, it is necessary back to the first and soak them with a damp sponge so that the backing paper is easily walked away by herself. To the substrate was removed fairly easily recommended to take a corner and shoot diagonally.

Then have a small a metal spatula to correct seams between the modules and individual tessera, achieving a monolithic picture of the mosaic surface. Please also note that the adhesive residues must be removed before he grab, especially if the grout is not white. If you are using for laying tile on the grid, here the special distinction of the above methods do not, but if and only if, this mosaic is glued to the glue and mesh face, clean side, it is natural to you. Always pay attention to the fact that the seams between the modules must be identical to the seams between the individual tessera. Before the grouting must read the manufacturer's instructions on the recommendations on trowels mixtures applied to this mosaic. Thoroughly clean all the joints from excess glue. In addition to plenty of soaked sponge, I apply more and schetu with medium hard bristles for better cleaning of the mosaic.