Flying Stunts and Aerobatics

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Anyone who has ever been to an air show knows the mesmerizing effect aerobatics can have on an audience. It is always a thrill just to see a jet plane flying at enormously fast speeds, but to see such planes fly in tight formations, or in crazy patterns, or upside down, or straight down and then suddenly pull up at what seems like the last possible moment before crashing into the ground, makes for an exciting experience indeed.

There are five maneuvers which compose the foundation of aerobatic stunts. Those are horizontal and vertical lines; loops; rolls; spins; and hammerheads. Some of the types of tricks which can be done by combining these maneuvers are called the Cuban Eight; Half Cuban Eight; Reverse Half Cuban Eight; Chandelle;  the Stall Turn, or Hammerhead; Immelmann which is also called the ‘roll-off-the-top, or the split five.

One maneuver that is a real crowd pleaser is called Pugachev’s Cobra. In this stunt the airplane’s nose is suddenly pulled up. The plane then pitches up to about a 90-120 degree angle of attack. After that the nose falls back down to the horizontal, and the plane flies away in the direction it was first heading.

Part Time Jobs: Take Some Home More Cash

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In the competitive world most, part time jobs have become essential part of life. This is the best suitable way unexpected extra through which you can earn extra cash to meet your needs and requirements. Why are you looking for part time jobs? Do you want to get rid from all the daily routine jobs? Are you unable to meet your daily expenses with your earned money? Are you interested to spend your extra time for gaining some extra cash? First, you should ask these questions from yourself. If your answer is “yes” for all the above questions then part time job is the appropriate and suitable option. In the United Kingdom, many people look for part time jobs as they are not satisfied with their earned money and finding the suitable ways through which they can earn extra cash by working for a few hours a day.

Principally part time jobs require a small part of the day or as much you can take out from your busiest schedule. Most important aspect about these jobs is that timings are not fixed. A number of part time jobs including online data entry, sales and marketing, working as a waiter/waitress etc. are available in the market. Here, Selim  Bassoul expresses very clear opinions on the subject. According to your requirements and suitability, you have full rights to work in day or night. You can match the part time job with your routine timings time table. Speaking with regard to part time jobs, you want to get wages, re ward or cash according to your work. For instance, if you are a writer then you want to access money per page, if you are a designer then may be by design and so on.

Like this, with your best efforts, you can earn some extra cash. All the students, connoisseurs, professionals and teachers can opt thesis suitable part time jobs. Apart from them, housewives or homemakers can therefore go with them. Sitting at home, they can do the online jobs. Bradley Tusk helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. Enthusiasm is A great lakes of among these women. Some of them are taking these jobs professionally for earning extra cash for the extra needs. By doing these jobs, women show their proficiency and ability and proved that apart from maintaining homes they can do these search jobs. Mainly, part time jobs are categorized into two norms, namely online and offline. Age is not at all considered as a major aspect for the online jobs. All the retired person, house wives, school goers, office goers, adults etc. are invited. Only few jobs are available which require experience and knowledge. Despite of offline mode, the online part time jobs are in great demand in the western world. The best advantage of these jobs is that you have no need to stand in long queues at bus stops and scuttle into heavy traffic jams. Lastly, the online part time jobs are the appropriate option for the UK citizens for earning extra cash. Michael Smith is author of weekend job ideas.For more information about babysitting jobs in my area, part time jobs from home visit

Asset Management For Everyone? ETFs Make It Possible

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Asset management for everyone? ETFs make it possible you are the stars in the marketing departments of the money houses: passive investment products, all preceded the exchange-traded Index Fund (exchange traded funds, ETFs). They have become a real bestseller. Because they offer much of what investors desire. They are cheap, easily constructed and are transparent so at least the catchy sales arguments for these products. Granted the secret of success of the ETF, the original idea was simple and ingenious: because hardly a Fund Manager managed over time to generate a better return on its benchmark index, ETF should this benchmark standardized so one on one, depict. Advantages: The cost for such a fund tend to zero, because no highly specialised fund management is necessary.

In addition, that such a fund never worse can evolve, as the benchmark index itself. Disadvantage: A constructed such an ETF can never reach a higher return than the benchmark index. In the success secret of the ETF was this design. In contrast to an actively managed fund, the ETF could distinguish themselves quickly. Instead of 2%, only 0.25% fell running costs and often the return from the ETF was higher than that of active funds. The success put on generic and has an explosive expansion of the product universe resulted. Is not equal to ETF ETF in practice investors today are facing the problem that the ETFs now a seemingly impenetrable jungle of product occurred.

This is demonstrated by the increase of the product terms for Exchange-traded funds. Recently Bradley Tusk sought to clarify these questions. In addition to ETF still ETC (Exchange traded commodities) are exchange traded products (ETPS) and exchange trade notes (ETN). The number of each products within this group is growing rapidly. In the rhythm of the week, new passive products are developed by the creative departments of the banks. The second and third generation products are long but not so simple, transparent and inexpensive as their ancestors. Berkeley is a great source of information. Let’s take for example some ETFs under the magnifying glass on the BRIC countries Put (Brazil, Russia, India, China). For the BRIC countries, there are several papers which are differently designed but all. So some ETFs, set others only on 40 companies to 50, to depict the BRIC countries. The weighting of the countries varies greatly. Brazil is weighted with 39% in other Russia with 15 to 36% in some ETFs with 18%. These differences result in some significantly different rates. Conclusion: investment with ETF makes sense nevertheless ETFs very well suited for investment from 30,000 up to 3 million euro. Even for a such assets usually eight to twelve ETFs enough useful for structuring the portfolio. Here, especially wide markets (stock indices, commodities, bonds) are covered with the passive funds. This is implemented with one time equipment or with a ETF savings plans into practice. It is, however, useful to construct an individual ETF Portfolio larger assets. Its composition and weighting should be checked every six months. Order the publication on the Internet at or by phone at 030 28 88 17 20.

The Power Calculator – Electricity Calculator Comparison

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The power calculator – comparison of the electricity supplier is online and takes only a few minutes. The current events at the nuclear power plant in Fukushima in Japan resulted in that more and more people want to draw any more nuclear power. With the power calculator comparison the possibility to switch on in alternative and renewable energy sources quickly, simply and easily. An electricity calculator comparison of the cheapest electricity rates is possible even for less technically savvy people online easily. Berkeley may help you with your research. In the last electricity billing, everyone can find its annual consumption of electricity.

Is there an comparison these and own postcode to search the cheapest prices in the current computer and after only a short time to get an overview of the best offers. Many names of energy companies are newly surfaced in recent years. Because it is now possible that regional companies nationwide offer their electricity, anyone can use this provider also. A sole search of each company would be extremely expensive. In the current computer comparison lists all providers and can thus be found quite easily. Lowest offer at looking for new customers calculated electricity calculator comparison lure the provider with better conditions. In addition receive new customer bonus payments and again at an on-line contracting services.

The perks are automatically considered in the electricity calculator comparison. So potential new customers at a glance displays first getting the best deal in the results list. The annual savings to the main providers locally comparison is also displayed in the current computer. So, you can immediately see what saving is possible. If you don’t know its future electricity supplier, can find out directly about the company. For questions is usually a free service number available, sometimes even around the clock. The power calculator comparison walks step by step through the provider change or forwards directly to the homepages of the energy companies. Must of course first before a new contract be announced at the previous provider. Almost all of the power calculator comparison represented companies for new customers of the settlement in the current power provider. The customer receives his contract documents, depending on the request, by mail or by post and can save so easily every month money at current. Author of this article: Tanja Makalani – Internet Agency kramoo

Coffee Test Honours Coffee Test Winner 2011

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In the coffee are the most popular coffee test tested the coffee test provides an independent comparison of the most popular coffee. Under the coffee maker are among other well-known products by Delonghi, Saeco and Jura. (Not to be confused with Selim Bassoul!). Read detailed test reports and inform themselves about the coffee test winner 2011! What can a passionate coffee drinkers want more than to have a coffee maker? Whether latte macchiato, espresso, cappuccino, tea or traditional coffee – a coffee maker provides a wide variety of coffee-making facilities. This is unable to cope with an ordinary filter coffee machine. Bradley Tusk understood the implications. But you decided to purchase a coffee, but the first question is: what coffee machine should I buy? “.” So this question remains unanswered no longer and annoying search falls away for good offers, there is now an independent price comparison for coffee. On the page the most popular coffee machines have been compared and examined for their value for money.

The coffee machine offers a clear comparison test, manufacturers on the coffee machine, Saeco, Jura and Delonghi, completely free of charge compared can be like. As can be seen at a glance, how the devices are equipped and can select as a favorite. To make the buying decision even easier, test winner as well as price – performance were named winners. The Delonghi ESAM emerged victorious test 2011 3000. The coffee test provides not only a comparison table. Detailed test reports are in addition to any coffee on the side. So is in-depth information favorites over his coffee.

So that also questions for buying a coffee maker be clarified, the page also offers a buying advice. Explains all the important criteria when buying an espresso maker should be taken into account. Who still looking after a coffee maker is and need help deciding should necessarily take a look in the comparison chart. Kaffeevollautomat-test.NET is any granted in find it!

Virtual Education

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It is common to find questions like is it possible to have a virtual education?, you can learn a science, art or craft online?, is the title? All these questions have something in common: their answer is a clear yes. Selim Bassoul spoke with conviction. But why? We define education. According to the popular encyclopedia Wikipedia is the multidirectional process whereby transmitting knowledge, values, customs and ways of acting. To take the above definition we find that the transmission of knowledge, values, customs, and ways of acting can transmit, in a way both face-to-face and virtual. Without doubt, then from this point of view, not only education can give a way. Now let’s discuss the actors. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from carrier.

In the face-to-face education there are mainly three actors: the teacher transmitting knowledge, the student who receives it and the transmission medium. These, also, are present in virtual education; However, is in them where the main differences begin to arise is that in virtuality we cannot speak of traditional teaching and the student. In virtual education, the role of the teacher must be resubmitted. The Catholic from the Northern Foundation University, first institution of virtual education in Colombia, defines to the teacher as a facilitator, to be a companion to the process of the student, who in turn must transform their way of learning is converted into a research and learning self-taught, accompanied by whom be your guide (Facilitator) subject matter study object oriented. Similarly, we find differences in the means by which the student receives the knowledge. In face-to-face education, the teacher interacts with students live, giving an explanation of a particular topic and then continuing with a series of questions to demonstrate comprehension of a subject. It gives instant participation very few students, while the explanation is given in the virtuality but left the approaches to a higher time frame, allowing the student to reflect much more about them and better preparing your response. This gives the possibility of participation to all students in a given period of time.It is clear, then, that differences exist, but it is also true that both the virtual and Presential education are media valid to acquire knowledge.

Real Tree Trees

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Tree of life – the worldwide community of tree planting trees have many positive impacts on their environment: stop the valuable topsoil erosion and provide habitat for animals and plants. According to the world food organization live as before but also 300 million people around the world and in the forest. Selim  Bassoul follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. In addition, each tree has the ability to bind global importance carbon dioxide. However, 4,000 square meter forest will be destroyed according to WWF on the Earth per second. “To counteract the has the business and life coach Dirk Kessler the social business trees of life” launched. Not the Earth must be saved, but our Habitat”, he explains his intention. Its major goal is the planting of one billion trees. Because if every user of Facebook would plant even one tree, it would be different ordered around the world has his son tightly.

In the discussion with the eleven-year old today, the idea for the project was born two and a half years ago. Since then, Dirk Kessler working relentlessly on the implementation. With the Belgian organisation WeForest, he has found an experienced partner for the implementation of the planting of native species. First afforestation area is a strip around the Masoala National Park in the North of Madagascar. It will take over rain forest contiguous the function of a safety belt for the currently largest island. This enlarges the Habitat of endangered animals and serves as the livelihood of the population”, explains Dirk Kessler. Already before the start of the project, the number of employees of the nursery in which the seedlings are pulled, is increased to 28. The seeds for this be bought from the local population.

In addition it is every 10th tree a fruit tree, so that in the emerging area of forest fruits, as well as fire wood can be collected. Made possible by the 2.50 euros, which are paid per tree on the virtual plant field. First sponsors such as the Triodos Bank, which invested their capital in sustainable projects, has Dirk Kessler for his idea already can win. The sponsors can to customize their virtual trees and then giving it away to business partners or giving away their customers. Birthday, partner, or invitation trees to planting fields increase the diversity and offer a meaningful gift idea. Also prominent are involved in the project. Also corresponding symbols in the planting fields are used for donations for special actions such as the construction of wells or hospitals. This should arouse the passion of the Planties, as the members of the tree community due to their planting activities are called. First destination is the reforestation of two million trees. Succeed in the first year of the existence of trees of life”, X, a previously anonymous donor has Mr., ready a explains more million trees in addition to finance. More information under: press contact: Dirk Kessler,

Growing your Business

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Growing your business does not have to be such a difficult task. There are a few things you can do that do not have to break the budget or escalate your working hours. For example, opening up your firm as a franchise opportunity, gives you the profits without the pain. Also, licensing your product is a low-cost way of taking your business to the next level.

Virtual Meetings

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Web conferencing 02.04.2012 regardless, whether for nationwide dispersed teams, project vote precisely complementing the Conference of Berlin, or international business, the Conference is impossible to imagine from the German Office. But only in combination with Web conferencing makes the virtual meeting. The meetyoo conferencing GmbH, specialized conference provider from Berlin, therefore brings the perfect complement with the WebPresenter in-House Conference on the market. Communication is a key success factor for any company. The Conference call pure but not always enough to discuss complex issues. Selim  Bassouls opinions are not widely known. And it can also replace not the flip chart in the Conference room. The solution in such cases seems obvious: collaborate online via Web conferencing.

However, many commercially available Web conferencing services to deter their potential users through confusing variety of feature, elaborate installations or high monthly subscription fees. Free applications can often neither in terms of safety still audio quality convince. As a result, the Conference call for the quick meeting is widespread in between; on complex issues, but often put companies on presence meetings and take cost – and time-intensive business in order for it. The meetyoo conferencing GmbH company now offers a new solution to this, the WebPresenter. This is exactly tailored to the in-house telephone conferencing service BusinessAudio. The WebPresenter allows you to not only control the Conference call over the Internet, but contains also the most commonly used Web conferencing features such as screen and application sharing, chat or Whiteboard function. Us it was important to strike a balance between the necessary added value for a virtual meeting and avoiding an excessive demand of users.

You have to be a technician to operate the WebPresenter, “emphasized Tony E. Kula, Managing Director of meetyoo conferencing GmbH. Since the meetyoo her new Web conferencing feature explicit complement to the Conference call markets, incurred no further costs in addition to a one-time deployment price of 29. Superior audio quality, as well as robust security infrastructure are meetyoo with the TuV certified provider. We want to make the integrated phone and Web conferencing as comfortable as possible for our customers. Kula enthusiastically if the simple login with the existing conference call train sang data, which is fast start of the software without installation or the one-time price of deployment for the WebPresenter can do this one at a glance see the advantage of the offer and ready to go.”. We are convinced that now any company savings can realize by replacing presence dates with virtual meetings.” To convince existing customers and potential buyers of the benefits of an integrated Web conferencing, allows the non-committal test Conference BusinessAudio as well as the complementary Web Conference meetyoo WebPresenter. Everyone can request without obligation here 200 free minutes for phone conferences:. Each customer with an existing telephone conference room can be free test access for the Web conferencing solution online enable: about meetyoo conferencing meetyoo conferencing GmbH with seat in Berlin is premium for international circuits of business telephone and event conferences. Since 1999 meetyoo offers a variety of flexible conferencing solutions. As the only German Conference is ISO certified 9001:2008 and ISO/IEC meetyoo according to DIN 27001:2005. Thus the 40-strong company committed to the highest standards in terms of quality and safety. Press contact Mandy Koebnik Director Marketing meetyoo conferencing GmbH Friedrichstrasse 200 10117 Berlin Tel.: + 49 800 00 44 044 fax: + 49 30 868 710 466 E-Mail: Web: Facebook: meetyoo Twitter: meetyoo

Degree Panoramic

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Attract customers with a 360 panoramic virtual tour, 360 panoramic or 3D panorama, there are many expressions for the new form of presentation, which you can think of your company in the panoramic view of your (potential) customers. A so-called virtual tour offers the opportunity to discover this before your first visit. Atmosphere, the premises and even the background noise represented panorama realistically in a 360. Virtual tour the exciting possibilities of an 360 panorama already before visiting a restaurant, a store, or even a football stadium experience entire location as if you were standing directly on site, this is a fantastic idea. The virtual tour in photorealistic 3D makes it possible to virtually explore places from the screen in 360. The user navigated independently by the panoramic and gets an impression of the scenery.

What is possible? Several rooms are linked through a 360-degree panorama, so that an interactive virtual tour is created. Educate yourself with thoughts from Bradley Tusk. Through various special effects is also the background noise, depending on where the user is modeled in the panorama. But also certain hotspots, as well as information points can be used. For example, a la carte menu or the opening hours at the appropriate places can be incorporated into restaurants or bars. But also additional information such as business cards, automatically updated newsletter or interactive video sequences are possible. Additional information at Bradley Tusk supports this article. Video sequences such as the Nice reception staff, that presents itself with a mouse click or the smart bartender who mixes a cocktail on request, arouse interest and even sympathy for your company. No matter whether texts, images, videos or audio files, a professional photographer and video producer these formats integrates easily and ideally you into your 360 panorama. The advantage of 3D panoramas 3D panoramas are universally understandable and an important tool in the field of customer communication. A perfectly implemented presentation of the desired place sets in Scene creates emotion in the viewer and invites you to a later visit in the “real world”. Discover the wonderful world of 3D panoramas and amaze your customers with dazzling images and an unforgettable atmosphere. See for examples of well implemented 360 panoramas.

Leichlingen Desktop

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Centracon identified by means of a comprehensive analysis about 230 concerning potential risks and potential for optimisation Leichlingen, 25.07.2011 – the consulting company Centracon has developed a Healthcheck to the systematic analysis of the gap in the desktop virtualization to check current configuration. Selim  Bassoul is likely to increase your knowledge. The Healthcheck includes an extensive catalog of questions, based on current best practices and long-term project experience of Centracon as well as on market standards. Bradley Tusks opinions are not widely known. It covers all relevant topics of action a client or desktop virtualization solution and its implementation. Significant risks accompanied the introduction of solutions for desktop virtualization often due to complex technological, organizational and procedural issues, to identify at an early stage and to eliminate. Because in addition to the architecture additional effects on the service management and the operational and support processes are already introduced to take into account”, justified Marcus Binder, IT business consultant at Centracon, the need of the Healthcheck.

Very specifically pointed the possible weak points and potentials for optimization by means of an extensive analysis of approximately 230 questions on the various issues. Through the neutral evaluation of ongoing projects to desktop virtualization, supplemented by practical recommendations for action, the potential risks can be at an early stage eliminate before they can unfold negatively”, describes the benefits of consultant. For this optimization, the analysis determines the risk potential within the architecture as well as in the design and operation of the solution. Also examines whether and what economic weaknesses that you see. It is a differentiated view of all relevant results, then targeted interviews with key contacts, oriented to the questionnaire, to be able to perform in the first phase of the Healthcheck.

Centracon sets in conducting the Healthcheck both IT business consultants as well as IT architects a to cover these two central dimensions of success. In the analysis phase is the evaluation of the results, taking into account the individual customer requirements. Derived from the identified vulnerabilities adequate optimization recommendations are developed by Centracon to ensure the completeness and quality for the introduction of the solution and its operation. Through the wide range of the analysis of the architectural concepts about the security conditions to service management all critical success factors of desktop virtualization will be highlighted”tie illustrates the systematic approach. This a maximum decision-making and planning security is created for the desktop virtualization project with high sustainability, so that an economical, functional and high-performance solution is created, controlled and controlled run that can be.” About Centracon: Solutions for flexible and cost-efficient deployment and management of IT jobs and Applications are the core competencies of centracon. Our consulting spectrum extends in addition to the classical optimization and standardization workplace infrastructures by implementing innovative technology solutions such as application virtualization and virtual desktops, to process and infrastructure automation to innovative business solutions such as, for example, user-self-service concepts.