Beautiful Holiday Memories

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As holidaymakers with photo books of the year remember the best time half of the summer holidays in Germany can (with introductory voucher). Swarmed by offers, Jill Schlesinger is currently assessing future choices. The first tourists return, many may not get used but still in everyday life. Many recall better with photos the most beautiful weeks of the year. The holidaymakers these photos would of course also show if you have scanned not prominent on Lake Como or in Cannes. Less and less remain to the photos only on the local hard drive, or simply prints are ordered.

For many amateur photographers, it belongs now to everyday to present the photos to the Internet via a photo portal. Another increasingly popular presentation form is the digitally printed photo album, photo book or photo book. Thus the most beautiful AHA effects, whether with colleagues, family or friends. To create a private printed albums is now easier than you think. Because photos usually already on your hard drive store, only a suitable software, which is missing the album will be collected and a service provider that it produces a high-quality work.

It can be printed at home. While it is possible to now also at home high print quality, the reasonable binding or stapling remains to leave to professionals. For example, pixel speed (, a Fotobuchdienstleister with a wide range of products and formats among these professionals. Making a service provider with its software, pixel speed layout, set up on the PC is not only easy but also fun. Only drawback: it has discovered the many effects and options for the design of its photo book pages, then get quickly tempted even the shaky Beach photo of the children with frame, backgrounds and text to provide that the real motive is to marginalize. Sometimes it may be even good. Fortunately, the home layout must exploit but not all possibilities, but can be confined to the essentials. As when photographing shall also apply to the presentation of photos: less is more often. It is perhaps only a part of the special sunset photo of Palma de Mallorca or maybe give the snapshot of the leading the tour de France a whole page on a yellow background. Tourists (and of course also at home), the first simply try and touch would, offers a valid until 31.8 introductory voucher worth from 10.00 pixel speed. There is for example an A5 photo booklet in A4 format including shipping costs. To register on, layout pixel speed, download and install the plant produce and transmit using the order function to pixel speed. The order process completes on the website then easily by entering the coupon codes below. For more information on the homepage. Coupon code: XDSH-QNMD-9BH4-U2SI