Chinese Aphrodisiac

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Brain (as an aphrodisiac) In addition to eating the brain of primates (or a Human monkey) is known a few "recipes", which includes the brain of various animals. The medieval philosopher, alchemist and hermetists Albertus Magnus (c. 1200-1280) recommended, inter alia, a dash of red wine chopped brain partridges. And according to ge , fresh brains of young calf, lamb and pig has a stimulating effect and stimulates the libido. He also said that for the same purpose use dove brain. Milk witch imagery the name of colostrum – a yellowish liquid, evolved from the breast of pregnant women before delivery. Considered a strong aphrodisiac. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Digital Cameras. Colostrum – the first food of the nursing infant.

A few days after birth, this fluid and brightens, ie turns to normal "breast milk". They say that colostrum rejuvenates the body. Many adult men have experienced its effects on themselves. Nutmeg is one of the few aphrodisiacs enjoying the love of women. In the West, nutmeg – Common spice.

But the Oriental people, especially Chinese, treated him in a special way. According to Robert A. Wilson, nutmeg "are much stronger than marijuana." His reception connected, but with nasty side effects: nausea and increased heart rate, accompanied by panic. The optimal dose of nutmeg has not yet been established. Two essential oils contained in the nutmeg, – isosafrole and miristitsin – served as the prototype of the other 2 drugs – mda and mmda (the latter is better known as "Ecstasy"). Rhino horn from the animal extracted substance having aphrodisiac properties.