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If you do not want them to be part of it, then why bother to date them? Instead of just watching sports on TV and have an annoying girlfriend was taking her to a real game. She is much more likely to have fun with you see you have fun on your own! Girls can get their couch potato moving by taking them to the gym. This goes for all interests, try to share everything, but do not force someone if you really do not like what they see. Taking a guy to a club point there can be only one thing to do! If you get desperate sit down with the other person and brainstorm about what you like, if something brought you together means that you must have something in common from which you can find things to enjoy together. It is important not to force the interests of a person if you decide not to try and really like it, it’s so important to share things in a relationship to an independent life on the side.

This is what will give you something to talk about on your date! If you stop seeing your friends, stop diving because your partner is afraid of water and stop doing things that you like, you can end up in a boring relationship with silences on both ends of the table. This is the beginning of the end, and before you know it you’re in the dating scene again starting the whole process. So finding a balance between shared interests and things to do alone at the beginning is very important. Note however that the pooling of all interests are not doomed to failure, even if both are excited about golf, you can still go and play only with friends. So do not be too paranoid about finding a balance “interests” and not whether to continue dating the person try to achieve a balance in the relationship. The key is to leave the house and restaurant. The movies also do not count as a real date “because it does not really interact with the person. You might have seen the movie only holding a large pillow and would have little difference. The dates do you interact with the other person and share both their interests not only teach you more about them, but also showing how they are really compatible. Needless to say this avoids great boredom later down the road!