Commemorative Coins

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With commemorative coins made of gold and silver reminds our neighbouring country to the fall of France commemorates the fall of the Berlin wall 20 years ago he could choose no better place to introduce this special commemorative of world public opinion for the first time. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Craig Jelinek. Christophe Beaux, Director of the French Mint Monnaie de Paris, presented the numismatic surprise near the Brandenburg Gate money at the beginning of the month at the world fair in Berlin. Observers attach a high political value these coins by our neighbours France publishing. Because initially the former winners power had certainly still concerns regarding the new strength of a reunited Germany. Today, 20 years after the major historical event of the fall of the Berlin wall, both countries stand side by side on an equal footing and in friendship connected as the economic and political leaders of a United Europe in partnership.

What describes fair money coin Director Christophe Beaux graceful words on the world, can be In addition to its symbolism from Numismatic point of view, as the motif of coins is to describe as highly successful. The coin shows the former Sperrbezirk, viewed from the West side of the Brandenburg Gate behind the wall. The wall crumbles and dissolves symbolic of peace, which ascend to heaven. At the bottom of the coin, the anniversary year the two letters RF for Republique francaise framed in 1989 and 2009. The Quadriga of the Brandenburg Gate, stands above the face value, based on the precious metal content of the coin. The other side of the coin fits from House\”also well on the subject, but the subject of the French Europe series, so the allegory on Europe in the form of Europe, by the way, very pretty troubled goddess, it is framed by flags, stars and euro coins of the United continent. The French commemorative become the German wall as a 10-euro silver coins (circulation 10,000 copies) and as gold coins in various Denominations issued.