Computer Technology

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The following site is Well, here, of course, the eye is pleased, a good website design, color combination right, well done guys on the front page clearly displayed the inscription 'Warning competition "- you can download advertise on the site ', a little below the list of most reliable companies in Ukraine. To me, a person who has diarrhea, and urgently needs to bowl to choose, it is very interesting, with the right side of the social poll 'Which bank do you trust', ie what chip I do not understand? Here, the site of the consumer or a businessman? Then there are articles 'current supermarket' – it's interesting, 'furniture – for and against placing an order for production at a large firm' – well, too, but I'm going to the site and saw no major sections of 'Health', 'Household appliances', 'Furniture', 'Animals', etc. Where is everybody? "Scratch" for a while, I finally found a category. Categories are as follows so 'IT technology' – it comes first, you know what it is? I do not. Next comes the section on 'Auto' – well that's okay, we get down below, immediately after the 'car' goes for the ' sites'. "Guys, I need to change the toilet!" After sites are of 'Internet shopping', 'Computer Technology ', of course, I may be a complete idiot, but I seem to be that' internet shopping 'and' computer equipment 'the same' it technology 'could shove into one group and not spread, as no I will say that the whole pilgrim.