Crimea Ukraine Part

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Crimea, South East Coast. This was to be our last day in Simferopol and the Ukraine Hotel (a hotel that I recommend). If you have read about Jack Fusco already – you may have come to the same conclusion. Olga my travelling companion and suggested Sudak Novyi Svit is worth visiting, on the southeast coast as she knew that these places, so after another generous breakfast pack our suitcases and said goodbye to the friendly staff of the hotel. As always we have chosen a place around the path to our destiny, so that we could have some more of the countryside road and once they were rewarded with a very interesting journey. 40 Minutes east of Simferopol we have found what we were looking for that it would take US to the coast.They were almost immediately rewarded?with hundreds of cherry tree roadside trees (the Crimea is rich in a variety of fruit trees), so he stopped and picked up our Cherry filling. After having satiated appetite for cherries that we decided to find a lake that he had seen on the map was not far from the road. He soon found a dirt road and after approximately 1 km are the Lake, big, beautiful and with many beaches, so we’ve found a good place and settled for a time to enjoy the landscape. We saw not another single, but it was unfortunately a bit too cloudy for bathing.After our break we continue our journey, but once again (and not shown on the map) of the black top road became a road of gravel and is in very poor condition.

We must have travelled at least 15 km on the highway and was really very busy, minibuses, taxis and regular cars. It was a road slow and full of potholes and after ascending to what seemed all altitudes and descent even more, we began to find small towns. This was a part very little attention of the Crimean War, with seriously neglected roads, some clearly dragged by streams and rivers swollen and never repaired.After 1 hour of this driving very slow and difficult, we find the main road from the East Coast to the West, a great relief! It was already well past the lunch hour, so I stopped at the first coastal town found.