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In U.S.A., approximately 650,000 new cases of diabetes is diagnosised to each year. People of 30 the 69 years of age, 7.6% have diabetes type II. Presenting a bigger prevalence still in aged. Acute complications Exist three on main acute complications of the Diabetes to the disequilibria of short term in the sanguine glucose: diabetic hipoglicemia, cetoacidose (CAD) and the hiperglicmica syndrome to hiperosmolar no-cettica (SHHNC) (Brunner and Suddarth 2000,). Chronic complications the complications of the Diabetes in long stated period are if becoming more common the measure that a bigger number of people lives for more time with Diabetes, with an alarming increase of deaths. The complications of the Diabetes in long stated period can affect almost all the organic systems of the body.

The general categories of the chronic complications of the Diabetes are: macrovascular illness, microvascular illness and neuropatia. (Brunner and Suddarth 2000). 2,4 Impact of Complication of the Illness the taxes of morbidade mortality for chronic problems of health has increased, what it comes causing important consequences the quality of life and health in the Brazilian adult population. In accordance with Luckmann & Sorensen (1996) the complications of the Diabetes is the third bigger cause of death for illness in U.S.A., amongst this includes blindness in adults, main cause of new cases of renal insufficience, not traumatic amputations in 50 the 70? % of the people, increase in the occurrence of infartos coronarianas illnesses and. Some reasons come making with that the Diabetes Mellitus comes if becoming frequent as: the increase in the life expectancy nowadays, increasing the population of aged, which is more susceptible to the illness: the increase of the obesidade in the population.