Expression Corporal

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In it is perceived visible exteriorizao of the body of feelings and emotions, what the fence. Nowadays, the Expression Corporal and the dance is gifts in some places, with some rhythms and forms, varying enter the use of entire body in free and opened movements, and those where the movements are limited in determined parts of the body, therefore, I believe that the corporal expression and the dance are to leave to join the art to represent with the art to leave its body to create the proper movement. The developed research to search to understand the meaning of some results gotten through studies of developed case, that it intends to search the understanding of the meaning of the corporal expression and the corporal perceptions as strategy of education for special carriers of necessities with visual deficiency. This project is based on the necessity to favor and to give chance the deficient ones to find joy and harmony of life, diminishing the traumas of the deficiency and anxiety of the exclusion of the society. Gain insight and clarity with Jack Fusco. The corporal expression through the dance is used by means of development of the natural movements that are: the space, the time, the rhythm the dynamics, in harmony, making possible gestual flexibility, the communication and expression and understanding the human movement with expressive capacity.

For Laban (1978)? the movement is considered a on process to the thought, the feeling, all an inferior structure and not only the external action, tied with the social structure. For It hisses, (1993) believes that the education is a growth process, therefore the education through the dance is conceitualizada as a creative process. The analysis of the education process/learning in the dance can take us it a way where the art is the service of the education, as well as of the growth of the person/pupil as a whole, in contrast to being only objectifying the development of abilities technique.