Fragrant Cedars

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A British scientist believes that this republic existed 10,000 years ago. RA: I've heard, many of these hypotheses. Refute or confirm their work and not rewarding besmyslennoe. I will only come from the fact that I know for sure. If we continue the theme Aratta, we find the answer to your question about the forefather of the Armenians. Please note that the same Sumerian epics Aratta called the "Land of Fragrant Cedars ", if true, this translated into Armenian epithet we get" Anush Mairi Law "that is, meaning the emphasis is shifting and get" Country Mother Anush "and the mother of Anush according to Armenian tradition is the mother of the serpent.

In turn the God of Wisdom and Certificates of Sumerians called Haya and depicted as a snake. It is from this wisdom of God is self-Snake Armenians – hay. As for November as the ancestor of the Armenians, then it should be noted that in the Babylonian version of the myth of the Deluge is the name of Utnapashtum, which is why – that stubbornly trying to present us as Utnapishtim. Utnapashtum name comes from that same 8 Armenian (ut) and pasht (rus.pochitat, respect), and can interpreted in two ways whether "Vosmipochtenny" whether "Honor Utu" .. For the same version of God, who warned of impending danger Utnapashtuma was already known to us by God Serpent Haya … Draw your own conclusions … P.:-There is a hypothesis that in the Hellenistic period to the temples, such as our Gurnee, columns, temples were erected in the form of a snake heads …