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Many private homes in Gelendzhik surrender. In some houses shall be a room with amenities and even a separate entrance and keys. In other private homes are the whole guest house. Private hotel in Gelendzhik, and here they are called guest houses in connection with unofficial status, presented at a resort in abundance. For an inexpensive stay in private hotels Gelendzhik fit optimally. There will be no stars, which can be judged hotel category.

Often run by the hotel owners themselves. In the resort of Gelendzhik mini hotels are very popular. In just such a mini hotels and guest houses guest is offered a standard room with full amenities. Many hotels offer food in a makeshift dining room. Typically, a custom menu, you will not find. But the food at the hotel – a great way to save money, besides, it's convenient. Similar cheap hotels in Gelendzhik can be found at every turn. And the higher the sea the hotel is located, the lower the price of accommodation.

Accommodation in the private sector, Gelendzhik is so diverse that to sort out these proposals itself seems almost impossible. To help travelers who do not want to be trapped with a choice of hotels, the hotel offers photo Gelendzhik, as well as reviews of the private sector Gelendzhik. This information is not difficult found on the Internet, as well as travel agencies. Most hotels are located in the downtown area, but there are also private hotels on a thin cape. Hotels located outside the city of Gelendzhik – a separate conversation.