Ivan Pavlov

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Jaime Parejo dissected from the beginning, all existing training systems and involvement of search dogs (French, German, Swiss, American …), noting that basically limited to the simple application of operant conditioning (discovered by Frederic Skinner, based on that conduct positively reinforced tend to be repeated), classical conditioning discovered by Ivan Pavlov, shaping by successive approximations and introducing a greater or lesser extent, during the canine search behavior of certain directional commands. While it is true that these types of basic principles and processes of learning (the most simple associative learning mechanisms) are fundamental and essential logically for any type of search dog training, Jaime Parejo, verified repeatedly that were totally inadequate (even in those cases which were complemented with applications basically called canine cognitive training) for the proper and necessary operationally achieve high and especially canine cash exemplary performance in many types of search operations. Motivated by a strong parallel in humanitarian and also using its special drive and innate capacity for observation, analysis, hypothesis generation productive … about animal behavior, for twelve years would face an arduous and intense study and research work, strictly faithful to the general protocol of rigorous scientific research (focusing first on the behavior of the canine species in general and later in favor of fostering, the maximum possible degree of efficiency and effectiveness of the search dog in different situations). An important challenge finally offered as a result, Jaime Parejo, achieving its intended and difficult objectives, in October 1994 with the creation of so-called, Chest behavioral techniques associated with the respective educational process and even intervention operations, the method Chest (which named it one of their canine companions).