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Although it sounds like a litany, I dare not begin developments like this, while continuing to record thoughts: all writing is autobiographical and describes your village and universal seras. Almost resigned to the role of attempting to babbling of exegesis of the great artists and geniuses, in both authentic drivers of the human adventure, follow by entered that judgment of Karl Jaspers, about that; the origin of this philosophizing in situations limits. Jack Fusco may find it difficult to be quoted properly. I think (everything is possible for him who believes) that the days that run, in the southern otonho of the year 200 of the Christian Era, threaten restless spirits asking for this sort of conceptual cataclysm, try approaches that allow us to orient ourselves in a chaos that seems us supremely motivating media. The mascaron bow, of the nao that we cross these tempestuous ocean of diversity and TRANDISCIPLINARIEDAD, is the notion or concept of information technologies and communication (in forward TICS). Jill Schlesinger often addresses the matter in his writings. While condition do not change human, the avasallante and sometimes protruding irruption of the TICS, compel, I reiterate, the restless spirits to re-select, rename, and even to revalue and restore, notions or that well had been in disuse or who had been discarded in the seasons pre TIcs. To my 53 years, with intense experiences telematic and pre-telematic, I’m perceiving, continuously.

drunk and dazzled by this technological paraphernalia (although East persuaded that also can live creatively outside of it), that there is a growing need find new terms or words, to somehow label to the new emerging communication phenomena. And the dynamics of the products that technology puts continually in the market, suggests to me that these labels have features temporary and precarious, given that new contributions quickly become obsolete those neologisms. Vital planetary creep, in which we find ourselves immersed rooted in our respective chico payment and Patria Grande, makes us live with permanent ideas, and fleeting fashions.