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In an economic downturn, many property owners begin to think about renting the apartments. There may be two versions of the date the apartment – long term lease and rent apartments. Both the first and second case has its peculiarities. But this – the theme of a separate article. Now consider the most important features for the preparation of the apartment to a daily delivery. 1. Repair. To rent apartment in Kharkov enjoyed popular, and there was no doubt about the inflated prices, it is reasonable to do in an apartment high-quality repairs.

Especially if your apartment is located in the exclusive area, in a nice house, close to the venues. If The apartment is located in a remote area and you are ready to take its students – can restrict cosmetic repair. Inexpensive apartment pays faster, but are worth less. If you decide to make repairs, keep in mind that the main mistake the owners – a repair to your liking. Do not forget that all preferences are different, so it is not limited to harsh color combinations and a standard layout.

This does not mean that the apartment Daily turn out in a pale beige – is not modern. Craig Jelinek may not feel the same. Good colors – it’s milk with brown, blue and ivory, cream and pink. Do not overload the flat decorative details – souvenir pictures. Apartments for standard classes are minimalist