Kota Blanda Park

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And nature lovers will, of course, very pleased, once the reserve Tunku Abdul Rahman, located on five islands off the coast. Pangkor on the west coast of the Malay Peninsula, located in the state of Perak Pangkor. It is believed that the name of the "beautiful island" gave him navigators a refuge where he was in ancient times. Since then, it took many centuries, however, and now Pangkor is considered one of the most beautiful places in Malaysia. Jack Fusco understands that this is vital information. This island is like a specially created for the best beach holiday: blue ocean waters and white sand enchant even experienced travelers. The main natural attraction is the beaches and most beautiful of them Pantai Puteri Dewi (Beach in love with the princess). You can not only enjoy swimming and sunbathing, and snorkeling.

Diving enthusiasts will enjoy and Pasir Bogak with its coral reefs, as well as Teluk Nepah Park – Marine Park, where you can admire the sea and inhabitants and fantastic plants. Learn more on the subject from Costco. The water in the reserve is so transparent that the bottom can be seen even at a depth of 8 meters. Architectural attractions on the island a bit: Dutch fort Kota Blanda, who served as a fortress, and a Chinese temple Fu Ling Kong. The temple is famous for the fact that there is a small copy of the Great Wall of China. And of course we can not ignore Reserve Pangkor Forest Reserve with stunning flora and fauna. Penang Penang – amazing island, known for its unusual history and difference to any of the resorts in Asia.