New Generation Internet

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It has created a new culture as science and telecommunications technology: Internet. Up to the new generations have created their own virtual slang: an improvised, unspoken language abbreviated to provide the most simple and spontaneous conceptual expression. It is the culture that has no limits or rules as language of dissemination as freedom of expression. The culture of the linguistic ignorance: a language abbreviated mathematically conceptual in letters and words which has nothing to do with the programming system, although it resembles. The new generations in the absence of constructive creativity, warp, destroying the legacy of our predecessors. Feel protected by a State of well-being inherited precisely those who despise.

This makes them strong, but devoid of values and fighting spirit. To create constructive it must need; If there is not a need, it is not built, destroys. The man needs to be useful, but if you don’t have any motivation to be, becomes useless and parasite, just enjoying what you It is given and by expressing concern for any triviality, less by what really matters. Consumerism and destructive creativity is that today prevails. And I’m not saying it for Internet, but for the bad use that is made of such means of telecommunication and of many other things. For generations has been built without thinking to where we was going to lead to the great advances in science and technology.

Today we face a society and an overburdened social system of everything and everyone. Everything is within reach of all and all, everything. The interconnection between the diversity of individual identities in its global manifestation is the paradoxical relationship that attracts and repels, building and destroying each other. When speak of future generations, the result of the use of the relationship of the interconnection and the global expression of the diversity of individual identities, do not attempt generalize, but seek a common denominator within the variant natural heterogeneity of human numerator.