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The game is an analog of such entertaining games like "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire," "Jeopardy," "What? Where? When "that the player must quickly and correctly answer the questions, but the main difference lies in the fact that intellectual game-quiz Money4Intellect a service platform for games in the team. Rules and order of play. The game can participate for at least two players (a game for two) and the maximum – an unlimited number of players (the game for the company). Logical game Money4Intellect a question relating to different topics. The game has 10 levels of complexity of the issues. The first is the easiest level -300 rubles., The second level, 600 rubles., The third level, 900 rubles., And the tenth most difficult level-3000 rubles. At each level, 10 questions and four possible answers to this question. Questions provided by the system randomly.

To start the game, the player must register. After registration, the player makes to his account an amount equal to a given rate of commission based payment systems on the site. By selecting any of the levels of difficulty, the player can initiate play or join games on the waiting list. The waiting time before Game is 120 seconds. During the waiting time a player can opt out of the game. Time of game 5 minutes.

The one who correctly answer the most questions. If the player has an equal number of correct answers wins the one who finished the game faster than anyone. If a player does not answer all questions (do not have time to shut down, etc.), the system records the responses received. Time the player (to account for the winner) set as the maximum for this game. Winner-take-all who took stakes in the game participants, minus 5% commission system. The main advantages of entertaining games Money4Intellect: * the entire winning sum always gets player a winner! * In a puzzle game involving only the real players! The advantages of the player as an example: Suppose that in a game involving 100 players. Your bid is 300 rubles., The rate of your 99 opponents at the same 300 rubles. You were winner of the game. Your winnings amounted to 30.000 rubles. Money4Intellect charge 5% commission from this win and you win the account in the amount of 28.500 USD. 5 minutes of play. You have risked 300 rub., A profit of 28.200 rubles.! In case you lose, you lost only their rate of 300 rubles. Each person can be trained in knowledge on the site free version logic game-quiz Money4Intellect