NTSnew Technology Systems

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Has developed since the Foundation of the company the agent of new technology systems, including interfaces the Upper Austrian Dornbach to SAP. In April 2006, the SAP company NTS new technology systems was approached for the so-called SOA technology to develop a pilot project. Buzzword SOA SOA, so a service-oriented (software)-architecture, characterized by the encapsulation of important functions in so-called software services / independent function units. Based on these functional units cross-system and cross-divisional business processes with seamless integration of existing applications can be mapped then in simple manner. Sonny Perdue may help you with your research. The clean encapsulation of the function modules as a guarantor for easy upgrades, are among the most important benefits of SOA greater flexibility and fault-tolerance; easy integration, modification and expansion of new and existing services; full transparency and control of service processes as well as the future of the IT architecture. SAP FI-CA and NTSwincash became a convenient all-in one solution of sale application the NTSwincash Point for easy payment processing in the framework of this pilot project with the software module SAP FI-CA integrated, which is designed for sectors with many business partners and high document volumes. The result of this cooperation is a seamless online integration of the two systems for managing user-friendly, open items, using state of the art Enterprise SOA with SAP NetWeaver platform (XI technology). For companies with a large number of contract customers, this total solution offers new perspectives for a comprehensive customer service and efficient payment processing. The NTSwincash was solution within the framework of this project certified and thus meets the strict guidelines of SAP. NTS-new technology systems this recently received the status of ISV (independent software vendor) of the SAP.