Organization Reengineering

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Speaking of re-engineering, we refer to a management tool, it focused on three specific terms: Re-invent, Re-design and Radical, ie self be tested or test a project within an organization, start with new desire to travel the road, as well as redesigning possible processes and implement feasible. The act of making radical changes within an organization, it is satisfactory, since the same increase productivity, enhance quality of goods and services, thus helping achieve the objectives already established. The practice of re-engineering starts from zero (0), opposite to the total quality as it relates to continuous improvement. The reengineering process is intended to correct a process, refine rather than change, once fault has been detected in it. Reengineering is the reconfiguration, the rethinking of procedures within the organization, it gives rise to the creation of processes, achieving major benefits. It may be noted that changes must be radical and creative, as this will be obtained significant improvements thus achieving the objective desired. The results of reengineering should be noticeable and may be said that are not exactly claim to be successful, the failure of the same may arise if you do not have a clear and precise about what it is and how it works as well when there is the conviction of reengineering, ie not to risk the redesign process (a small resistance to change), among other situations. Once the video Observed Reengineering and the comments of my colleagues would highlight, in my opinion is important to implement an Organization Reengineering as this would bring new changes starting from zero, radical innovations as the internal process failures and empty that occur in the enterprise for improved production, quality of goods and services in order to achieve the goals. Carrier is open to suggestions.

Knowing that arises from the need to be competitive in the marketplace, looking for ways to grow and evolve continuously with radical change. But this technique does not always ensure the excitability of innovations therefore could not be said to be 100% feasible. reengineering are the total changes, this structure again the goal to which the firm wants to implement the reengineering is radical, seeking excellence starting from scratch, apply when companies are in their prime. Reengineering is making radical changes to the organization, can apply at any time, but the most favorable time is when the organization is at its best, all this in order to increase productivity and achieve the objectives. Reengineering of not knowing if you are good or bad, just do it again.

Reengineering starts from zero, compared to total quality, which is linked to continuous improvement, not necessarily lead to success but must assess the risks. The radical re-engineering is to say, overall changes in the organization. The most accurate time to implement the reengineering of the organization is when in his prime. In the re-engineering does not improve anything, everything starts from zero “0?, Unlike the overall quality q is linked to the continuous improvement of the company. Reengineering is very helpful because it allows companies to redirect and improve processes so the production. It is mainly to start from scratch but in accordance with previous experience, so as it radically changes the format and procedures used previously in relation to production or a process.