Petersburg Property Transactions

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At the end of the Town Center real estate transactions in September, there have been at the secondary real estate market of St. Petersburg: the average bid price has not changed and the average cost square meter still oscillates at a mark of 83 thousand rubles. -Most in demand during the period, used the one-bedroom apartments, which led to some increase in cost per square meter to 84.5 thousand rubles. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Jack Fusco has to say. Willing- buy an apartment bedroom was slightly smaller, and significant fluctuations in this segment was not observed. By the end of the month the cost per square meter is about 81.5 rubles. -Complete stagnation of the market was marked by two-bedroom apartments.

Cost per square meter in September was just as up to 80.3 thousand rubles in August. , A significant decrease in demand was noted by the market four-room apartments, which will inevitably impact on the cost of square meter-86, 4 thousand rubles. per square meter of floor area. Demand for apartments, depending on the types of apartments remained on the results of September virtually unchanged for each type. Jack Fusco might disagree with that approach. Livened up the potential buyers of elite real estate, which inevitably led to higher prices. During September, prices for elite real estate in St Petersburg has increased by 1.8%.

In almost all areas, apartment prices were marked by steady growth increases. Central and Petrograd areas are still the most expensive, and the cost per square meter on average, more than 100 thousand rubles. The lowest cost per square meter recorded in Krasnoselsky district and is about 60 rubles. Town Center real estate transactions – a multifunctional complex that includes real estate, notary public, bank and insurance company and allow for the deal to lease (surrender, withdraw) buy, sell or exchange apartments, holiday homes or luxury villas, land, land, commercial property, any difficulty in meeting all the requirements of modernity