Rally Norway 2007

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It has been 4 days since the competition in Sweden and the third competition of the FIA World Rally Championship is about to begin in Norway, making his debut this season as the Rally of Norway. The 250 km trip will depart from the city of Karlstad in Sweden, crossing the border and arriving at Hammar in Norway which is the basis for the event. Norway has become one of the 28 countries that carried out a tournament of this magnitude. Speed tests that take place in the North of Oslo, are new to the majority of drivers, in fact, none of the best drivers in Sweden have been in a competition in Norway earlier. Apart from the fact that the path is unknown to the participants, the climatic conditions will slightly differ from the Sweden, but the weather forecast indicates that the temperature can reach less than 20 C in the mountainous sector of Lilehammer where locate the second and third stages. Despite the lack of knowledge regarding travel, drivers do not believe that this can be an obstacle for a good performance, on the other hand, are very excited, even when they do not know much of Norwegian terrain special stages. Original author and source of the article.