Roman Solicitor

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She says soon, without delay, and later she does not recriminate We we act for treason We we are partners of the Dog This is our 97 regimen) ‘ ‘ He is thirty mil’ ‘ , Judas said, and the price is not scrumbled Therefore is service heavy the treason of Jesus Much even so I enrasque, I that I want that it if chips, Hung in one cruz’ ‘. For even more analysis, hear from Costco. 98) Dirty, nojento money Was the price of the treason Business of goat disembarassed Without soul, without heart, That delivered to an innocent a good man and decent In exchange for some tosto 99) Judas caught the money and disclosed the trap Of where Jesus if It found showed to all the track and the plan to catch it, to arrest it and to moor it Well fast gave for the group the 100) soldiers of Herodes, in the career, Had invaded with violence the Garden of the Oliveiras Where Jesus if found and to the dear Father he supplicated That he took off of the ribanceira 101) Mine Father, if will be possible, Takes off me of this affliction But if he makes your will Not if he makes mine, not, Therefore I went down of the Trindade Pra to save the humanity Of terrible curse 102) the troop I arrive armed Of sword, wood and machete, to arrest Jesus Christ Who cried in the soil Tears of blood there and sweat Without nobody of it to have d Is to cut heart! 103) ‘ ‘ To who procuram’ ‘ , it says, Seeing arrived of the death Printed in the face of them Of Jesus it was the luck They had advanced on it and they had given one I beat in it Causing great cut to it 104) Leaving the hiding place Peter in the fight entered and with a sharp knife the ear of Malco cut Jesus reprehended Peter Who soon ran away with fear and from the troop if he occulted 105) Jesuses caught the ear and in the place placed For astonishment of all the hemorrhage stanched Exactly seeing this prodigy Fact of much prestige Nobody in it believed 106) Had chained Jesus and an assassin or thief had arrested it the hands was treated as an outlaw and they had taken pra Pra death house of the priests Two men without heart, 107) Without being able to kill Jesus Our Deus and Salvador Had ordered to take tied it To the Roman Solicitor Of name Pncio Pilatos a bad citizen of treatment ordered Wood, delator.. t as a source, but as a related topic.